Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

Additional Info

Hi ya, actually I got this information from my slide, and i thought why dont i share with you guys. here
'1,000,000 primary oocytes at birth; only 200,000 left by puberty (rest have degenerated).  Over a woman’s reproductive lifetime, only 450 eggs complete oogenesis.'
to be honest i kind of copy paste from my slide, because i opened the slide at 11 o'clock, and my eyes wont cooperate with me... so yeah sorry.
thats all for TONIGHT.

Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

I dont have any suitable title in mind

in female menstruation cycle, there are 4 cycles. first is proliferase cycle, second is ovulation cycle, third is secretory cycle, the last is menstrual cycle. in secretory cycle, there are 2 ways, one is when you get pregnant, two is when you dont get pregnant. if you dont get pregnant then you will go straight to menstrual cycle, well, if you do, then i must say you'll get a growing tummy.... hehehehe. these 4 cycles, will occur 2 days after you finished your period... okay, thats all folks... if i made a mistake please feel free to write a comment, and if you want further information just type it right away, maybe my friends or me will answer it. i hope this useful for ya... sorry for the title... hahahahaha!!!

*red is some information that you might find important
*black is some stupid mind of mine... hehehe

Jumat, 29 Juli 2011


When someone asked me this, my first opinion was, "it is genetic" ..

well, I was wrong. The leaves have pigments, there are chlorophyll a and b , carotenoids, and other accessory pigments. The UV light from the sun have many different waves. Chlorophyll a and b absorb the blue-violet waves and the carotenoids absorb the red-orange waves. And because the energy of the green waves cannot be absorbed, the leaves reflect the green color and that's why leaves are green!

-Ronnie Matari-

Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Hi there ...
this is my first time writing on this blog ..hmm.. since this is my really first time , i'll introduced myself first.. It start with G which stands for gita ..i'm a physics haters, but i'm a biology lovers . well, i don't really know wad to write for today but maybe i'll share my experience today with all of u. 
today is the first bio unit test abt cellular respiration & photosynthesis and i'm stressed out.. why ??? b'coz unfortunately i left my book in my locker last night. i thought before i went home, i put all my things inside my bag but when i opened my bag at home, there's no biology handout and i'm starting to panic.. but then, i decided to study from the internet... since bio is the first period of today's lesson, i came to school earlier so i can read my handout before the test... actually the test isn't that hard but a bit complicated..and hopefully the result isn't disappointing..

hmm, maybe that's all for today and wait for ronnie to post something interesting !!!
byeeee ..... 



Rabu, 27 Juli 2011


ok here we go guys. first of all give a big applause to lady because shes the one who made this blog...!!! cool huh!? as you can see lady already mentioned the important things above, so Im here just want to say hello for you, our visitors. actually Im studying for tomorrow test right now, so .... yeah, hello everyone nice to meet ya all, keep following us and you may see the other 2 members probably.... real soon...? bye for now...!! and CHLOROPLAST is NOT the same as CHLOROPHYLL....!!!


Kamis, 21 Juli 2011


Hello everyone!
Welcome to our weekly biology journal!

This blog is maintained by 4 science students; Ronnie, Friska, Gita and Lady. We are now sitting in grade 12 and currently studying at Binus International School Serpong.

Actually, this is a biology project given by our bio teacher; Ms. Tya. I'm very pleased with this particular project, because I really liked the world of blogging and writing. Besides, there are many benefits that we can take from this task :)
I also want to address this blog to everyone in the world, especially for biology lovers and high school students.

On the blog we've made, we will share stories about our biology lessons that we follow and also the experiments that we will do this during the class.
We hope that this can be a source of inspiration and reference.

Thank you!

Lady Lakopa Tarigan