Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

I dont have any suitable title in mind

in female menstruation cycle, there are 4 cycles. first is proliferase cycle, second is ovulation cycle, third is secretory cycle, the last is menstrual cycle. in secretory cycle, there are 2 ways, one is when you get pregnant, two is when you dont get pregnant. if you dont get pregnant then you will go straight to menstrual cycle, well, if you do, then i must say you'll get a growing tummy.... hehehehe. these 4 cycles, will occur 2 days after you finished your period... okay, thats all folks... if i made a mistake please feel free to write a comment, and if you want further information just type it right away, maybe my friends or me will answer it. i hope this useful for ya... sorry for the title... hahahahaha!!!

*red is some information that you might find important
*black is some stupid mind of mine... hehehe

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