Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Are you really your parents' child? check your blood type now!

Blood type A has 2 groups: IAIA and IAIO.
Blood type B has 2 groups: IBIB and IBIO.
Blood type AB has 1 group: IAIB.
Blood type O has 1 group: IOIO.

example is my family blood type.

I believe my Dad has IBIO group and my Mom has IOIO because I have blood type B (IBIO), and I have a sister who has the O (IOIO). 

So,,, based on the genotype ratio, The ratio between 
IBIO : IOIO  = 1 : 1
Based on this, I could believe that I'm their real son. lol.

Another Example: if a Man which has the blood type of IAIB is married to a Woman which has the blood type of IOIO. Is it possible for them to have a child with the blood type of IOIO

                  IA          IB
     IO           IAIO      IBIO
     IO          IAIO      IBIO

The genotype of this alele = IAIO : IBIO = 1 : 1 ... the child(ren) they would have will only has/have the blood type A or B !

-Ronnie Matari-

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