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Ways to prevent pregnancy

Hey guyss, now i'm gonna tell some information from my biology class that might be useful for ur sexual life ....
it's about Birth Control !!

firstly, birth control used to prevent fertilization to interrupt pregnancy at various stages and there are many ways to prevent pregnancy, but not all of them are succeed . 

For women :
- pills  = contain hormones (estrogen, progesteron, steroids ) and this pills consume everyday 
- morning after pills = it is a high dosage of a birth control pills and contain hormones. it consume after copulation

- Injection 
-Tubectomy = surgical procedure done on women as a permanent method of contraception

For men :
- condoms = it's a device  to reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexual transmitted diseases

- coitus interruptus = pull-out method, is the practice of ending sexual intercourse ("pulling out") before ejaculation

- vasectomy = surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent birth control

So , if you want to prevent pregnancy , you can use all of these methods but remember that all of these methods are not completely succeed to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, if u're having sex which is not legal (means unmarried) please be carefull coz it may cause ur tummy getting bigger !!!

-Gita A-

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